Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Michelle McCutchan made home sex videos with daughter's boyfriend

Michelle McCutchan, 38-year-old teacher from Checotah (Eufaula), Oklahoma, has been arrested after admitting making a sex tape with her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend.
Michelle McCutchanMcCutchan, a fifth grade teacher at Marshall Elementary School in Checotah, is charged with two counts of second degree rape and one count of sodomy. The five alleged acts between McCutchan and the teen took place between January and February 2011 at the teacher’s home and the teen’s home. She also confessed to setting up a video camera to film two of the romps.
Police found out about the affair when the teen boasted to his friends about the home made sex tape. After being interviewed by detectives McCutchan admitted she had videoed herself having sex with her teen lover.
The arrest report said the teacher had sex four times at her home and once at the boy’s home. McCuthchan has been suspended on full pay from her job at Marshall Elementary school where she was a 5th grade teacher while her bosses launch an investigation.She faces up to ten years in jail after being charged with second degree rape and one count of sodomy.

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