Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sheral Smith,

Sheral Smith, 39, was arrested in 2008 and is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy, who was a friend of her son. Prosecutors said Smith had sex with the boy at least four times. Yesterday she pleaded guilty to four counts of statutory rape.

After many delays Smith pleaded guilty after a competency hearing in Rankin County where a doctor testified she's been faking a mental illness. The judge sentenced Smith to 20 years with 13 suspended. After she serves seven years, she faces five years of supervised probation.

Smith must register as a sex offender and can have no contact with the victim or the victim's family. She still faces additional charges in Hinds County.

Smith was to stand trial on Tuesday. A competency hearing was held Monday for Smith, who was ordered last year by the court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and has spent the past seven months at the Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield, Guest said. While testifying during the hearing, Smith acted confused, had trouble recalling what year it was and said she couldn’t remember the victim, Guest said. A psychiatrist who had treated Smith testified that she was putting on an act and a judge ruled that Smith was competent to stand trial.

After the hearing, Smith’s attorney called the district attorney’s office and requested a plea agreement, Guest said. During the plea agreement hearing, Smith’s entire demeanor changed, Guest said. He described her as having a clear understanding of the proceedings and as being in control of herself.“You could tell she had a much different mental state than she had (Monday) morning, which indicated to the state that she was faking any kind of mental illness,” Guest said.

Matt Baldridge, an attorney with John Colette & Associates, legal counsel for Smith, said Monday the firm's client agreed pleading guilty was the best decision."Looking, at all of the evidence and at potential exposure, she decided it was in her best interest," Bald-ridge said. "We agreed with her to enter a guilty plea."

The relationship began in the summer of 2008. The victim was a student at New Summit School in northeast Jackson, where Sith worked briefly. The victim was also involved in athletic events with Sheral Smith's son, who is the same age.


  1. Man, what a complete waste! She was a REALLY CHARMING girl, simply escapes me why on Earth she would throw her life down the drain. She was cute as the Dickens, she had everything going for her. What made her turn into a child molester then? I'm POSITIVE she could have divorced her husband (if her marriage was unsuccessful) and searched for another man in her life and ended up raising a normal family just like everybody else, instead of throwing her life down the chute. I'm SO sorry for her, truly :( .

  2. I also sense that in this time and age, many ladies lack caring and affection they need and somehow try to replace it by turning "bad"or searching where common sense prescribes they simply shouldn't (I mean minors of course). This might be caused in turn by a total lack of communication with their mates. I hope they can settle matters and talk A LOT with their husbands or partners, otherwise we'll witness many more cases like these in the not so distant future (shrugs).