Friday, November 26, 2010

Sara Cole

Sara Cole, 47-year-old women from Los Gatos, California, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual relationship with a male teen victim identified as a family friend.

Cole, mother-of-four, was released on $30,000 bail on last Thursday after being arrested on three felony counts of having sex with a minor from May 1 to July 15. According to the police report on the case, Mrs Cole and the 17-year-old boy, a student at Los Gatos High School, had an intensive relationship, sharing 5,413 texts and 863 phone calls during a six-month period.

The secret sexual relationship between adult woman and teen boy began to unravel when the boy’s parents sent him to a special camp to receive therapy for marijuana use and other problems, according to the police report. While he was at the camp, his parents were able to gain access to the contents of his cell phone and computer.

According to the report, Cole and the teenager had known each other for five years. He went to Cole’s home to do homework with one of her sons and often slept over. He told police that he and Cole started having sex in April, when she kissed him for the first time. The boy also received money from Cole to buy pot, booze and cigarettes. He said he didn’t want to have sex with Cole, but did it for the free drugs.

In a June 21 text to the boy from Cole, she wrote: “I wish I could tell your girlfriend what you’re really like. You pretend to be so shy and sweet. If she only knew.” On July 25, he wrote to her: “hi. want to chil” She responded: “didn’t we just chil?” He wrote back: no, chil with me.” She answered: “oh you mean like come over and chil with you in your poolhouse?” yea, baby, let’s go.”

When police interviewed Cole, she downplayed what had happened at first, calling him one of her son’s “sweet and innocent” friends, according to the reports. When police confronted her on Sept. 23 with evidence from the boy’s BlackBerry and computer, including Facebook postings, Cole admitted having sex with the boy.

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