Saturday, December 18, 2010

Candice Pianka guilty of sexually abusing girl

Candice Renee Pianka, 30-year-old woman from Salisbury, Maryland, has been convicted on charges of sex offense, sex abuse of a minor, assault and contributing to the condition of a child.
Pianka and the victim had a discussion that turned to boys and sex during a car ride on May 15 2010, according to testimony from the victim during the trial. The teen told jurors Pianka accused of her of flirting with older men at the barbeque. "She told me I was too sexually active at my age," said the victim. "She told me I could get rid of the urge with masturbation."

The teen testified the discussion made her uncomfortable. She became scared, confused and anxious when Pianka entered her room with the sex toy later that night. First Pianka did lay nude on a 13-year-old's bed and demonstrated how to use a sexual vibrator before attempting to use the adult toy on the teen girl. After using the vibrator on herself and the victim, Pianka told the teen to keep the incident a secret. She didn't want to lose her job or custody of her children.
Pianka was taken into police custody May 19 and was held at the Wicomico County Detention Center on a $500,000 bond.Her two youngest children were placed in the care of family members and as of May or June, she was no longer employed by Wicomico County public schools.
Pianka testified that she demonstrated how to use the sex toy at the victim's request and the situation got "out of hand." 
Pianka told in court that she wanted to spare a teenage girl from the harsh reality of becoming a young mother. She didn't want the victim to have to endure the hardships that she encountered when she had a child at age 18. "I just wanted her to have some other ways to satisfy her sexual desires ... it was supposed to be educational," said the soft-spoken mother of three while testifying from the witness stand.

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