Tuesday, March 22, 2011

44-year-old mother-of-two arrested for sex with a teen boy

Lynnette McIntyre, 44-year-old mother-of-two and teacher’s assistant at Centennial High School, Urbana, Illinois, has been arrested for engaging in sex with a boy she was tutoring.

McIntyre was charged Friday with aggravated criminal sexual abuse. McIntyre came to the attention of police after the boy’s parents found text messages of a sexual nature on his cell phone.

Allegedly the boy told police that McIntyre was to tutor him and that on at least two occasions she picked him up at his home and drove him to her apartment. It is further alleged that on January 31, that McIntyre performed a sex act upon him.

Champaign County Judge John Kennedy set a $1,000 bond for McIntyre on Friday afternoon and ordered her to have no contact with the victim. She is scheduled to be back in court on March 22.

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