Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother of three gets three months of jail for sex with 13-year-old boy

Brittany Barcus, 24-year-old Sussex, Wisconsin mother-of-three, has been entenced to three years probation and three months in jail for having sex with a 13-year-old boy after she entered a plea bargain with the district attorney to lower her felony charges to two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault. arcus must seek alcohol and drug treatment, be randomly tested to ensure absolute sobriety, have no other contact with minors outside her three children, attend parenting classes, seek a mental health evaluation and pay $736 in court fees. If she violates probation, Barcus will be sentenced to 18 months in jail. According to the orginal criminal complaint Barcus performed sexual acts with the victim on at least three times when her boyfriend wasn’t home at her residence in the N6500 block of Pewaukee Road. Barcus had befriended the boy prior to the assaults and would invite him to her home on daily basis. On one occasion, Barcus had sex with the boy in her laundry room while her children were sleeping. In court Barcus told "I understand the attention I gave him was inappropriate, and that wasn't my intention," to the judge. "I saw a boy with no food, no clothes, no housing, and it broke my heart." The incident came to light after a neighbor suspected a sexual relationship when Barcus showed her a cell phone photo of the victim wearing shorts belonging to Barcus' 5-year-old son. Barcus told the neighbor she had other photos but refused to show them, which raised the neighbor's suspicions further. The neighbor also said she had seen the two cuddling on the couch on previous occasions.

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