Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fresno mom sentenced for sex with ex-fiancee's young son

Tracy Hannah, 40-year-old woman from Porterville (Fresno), Califonia, to 4 years behind bars for instigating a long term sexual relationship with a then-14 year old boy, son of her ex-boyfriend. Hannah was arrested in August 2011 for allegedly engaging in sex with a teen boy. She initially faced charges of child molestation and sexual intercourse with a minor. Porterville Police say the two met while Tracy Hannah was dating the victim's father and at one point they all even lived together.

Neighbors on the small Porterville block say they would often see a boy coming over to Tracy Hannah's apartment. At first, Hannah told neighbors the boy was her son. Porterville Police actually began investigating the case 2 years ago, when child welfare services contacted officers of the possible illegal relationship. Detectives found Hannah and the boy in a house together, but neither admitted to any wrongdoing. During the summer of 2011, another call from child welfare services prompted them to re-investigate and this time, the 15-year-old boy told police about their year-long affair. Officers say at one point Hannah's relationship with the father ended, and her sexual encounters with the boy began. Tracy Hannah has three children, two teenagers older than the victim, and a teen daughter. Despite objections by the Tulare County DA's office, the judge sentenced her to four years in prison on 15 counts of lewd acts with a child.

Tulare County Deputy District Attorney Shani Jenkins said, "There's just so many counts, there was 15 counts, so there was 15 incidents, and that's what really bothered us and we felt more time was appropriate." Tracy Hannah must register as a sex offender and have no contact with her victim once released from prison.

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