Friday, March 22, 2013

Andrea Billingsley, Utah Mother Who Performed Sex Acts on Teen Boys in Her Car, Had Her Sex Sex Convictions Reinstated

Andrea Billingsley, 31-year-old teacher’s aide formerly at West Jordan Middle School, West Jordan, Utah, who was convicted in November 2010 but had her convictions vacated three days later and was ordered a new trial has her previous sex convictions reinstated.

Billingsley was convicted on three counts of first-degree felony sodomy, three counts of first-degree felony forcible sexual abuse and one count of rape. After her sentencing in 2010 3rd District Court Judge Robert Adkins vacated the convictions and ordered a new trial. The judge decided there were some errors at trial, including the omission of evidence about the victims’ prior sexual knowledge and experience. In a rrecent ruling written by Associate Chief Justice Ronald Nehring, the Utah Supreme Court found that the exclusion of the victim’s history “was proper and the other claimed errors and irregularities do not require reversal because they did not prejudice Ms. Billingsley.” The court ordered that Adkins’ order granting a new trial be reversed and that her convictions be reinstated.

The charges stemmed from incidents that occurred last year with one of the teens while she supervised him during in-school suspension, as well as other acts that occurred involving the same teen and others in a local park. Prosecutors alleged Billingsley used her position as an aide who supervised an in-school suspension classroom to troll for a teenage boy with whom she could have a sexual relationshipThe 15-year-old boy claimed the teacher’s aide approached him in a classroom the spring of 2009, as another student in detention slept at a desk nearby. Billingsley set her cell phone on the victim’s desk and shared a photo of her nude breasts with the boy asking if that was what “he was looking for”. After that Billingsley started rubbing the boy’s body through his clothes, put her hand down his pants and proceeded to perform oral sex on the student.

Billingsley met with her young victim a second time later that summer, after she had texted photos of her nude breasts to the boy. They arranged to meet at the middle school, where Billingsley picked up the boy in her SUV along with the boy’s teenage friend. The trio drove to West Jordan Park where she began kissing and fondling one of the boys in the front seat of her SUV. That boy stopped kissing Billingsley at one point and asked the woman whether she planned to bring his friend into the activity.
Billingsley then moved in the back seat of the vehicle and had the boys sit on each side of her, one of the boys testified, and she then fondled both boys at the same time. It was only interrupted when mother of one of the victims called and picked the boys up at the park. The two boys went to Walgreens with the mother, but persuaded her to bring them back to the park, where Andrea Billingsley was waiting for them to return. The boys did not dare immediately tell the mother what happened with their former teacher, they testified.
When the boys returned to Billingsley’s vehicle she first performed oral sex on one of the boys who then left the vehicle, while the teacher had sex with other boy in the backseat.

DNA evidence extracted from Billingsley’s vehicle — from a spot where one of the victims claimed he ejaculated — was determined to be seminal fluid. An analyst from the state crime lab testified that seminal fluid matched the DNA of one of the 15-year-old boys. Defense attorney Rhome Dean Zabriskie had argued that the fluid was from Billingsley’s husband, who reportedly had sex with his wife in the vehicle. Billings has been married for 17 years and has two teen sons - she seemed to have all one could wish for but threw it away so she could be another mother who fucks with teen boys.

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