Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NY Mom Brought a Teen Boy Frequently to Home to Have Sex with Him

Jennifer Kennard, 46-year-old mother and teacher’s aide at East Irondequoit Middle School, New York, has been accused of engaging in sex with a middle school student over the last three years.

Kennard has been arraigned on second-degree rape and criminal sex act charges for her alleged involvement with a former student, who she befriended when the boy was in middle schoolseveral years ago. Older woman and the young boy allegedly had been having sexual relationship for several years before police began their investigation after they became aware of possible inappropriate behaviors between an East Irondequoit School District teacher’s aide and a former student on Thursday, March 14.

After two day investigation Jennifer Kennard was charged with rape and criminal sex act. She has been a teacher’s aid at East Irondequoit Middle School since 2009. According to police Kennard met the student in 2009, when he was just 12. She was “infatuated” with the male student and began “grooming” him, bought him gifts and took him into her own home to allegedly take advantage of him. The boys slept at her family’s home in Irondequoit and was considered “part of the family.”

Kennard’s husband says that the accusations are a misunderstanding, and he stands by his wife.

The alleged victim, who was 13 years old when the alleged sex acts began, is no longer under Kennard’s supervision.

The school district says Jennifer Kennard has been placed on administrative leave. She was arraigned in Irondequoit Town Court last  Friday but posted 10-thousand dollars cash bail and is now free. Police say they are investigating to determine if there could be other victims or if Kennard took the teen to other locations, which could result in additional charges.

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