Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Naughty Mother from Mississippi Gets Prison for Group Sex With Teen Boys

Christy McGough, 35-year-old woman from Columbus, Mississippi, has been sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with two teen boys, friends of her stepson.

A jury found 35-year-old Christy McGough guilty last week of two counts of sexual battery. Circuit Judge Lee Howard sentenced her to concurrent 10-year sentences but suspended five years of each term, meaning she will serve only five years.

Prosecutors say the two teenagers told authorities they had sex sevreal occasions with McGough in her home in the spring of 2011 until she was arrested in May of 2011. They were each 15 at the time. One of the alleged victims was living with the McGough. McGough, who was 33 at the time of the alleged incident, was arrested May 5, 2011 at her home, located at 1153 Lake Lowndes Road in New Hope. She now lives in Florida.

The situation and the sexual relationship between adult woman and two teen boys came to light when the mother of one of the victims arrived at New Hope High School to bring lunch to her son, only to discover that he had been checked out of school without her permission by McGough. Both boys were friends with McGough’s 15-year-old stepson. The juvenile, who was temporarily living in the house with McGough, testified that he frequently engaged in sex acts with Mrs McGougs and had sexual intercourse with her on more than 30 occasions. Most of the sex was just between two of them, but occasionally another teen boy participated in threesome.

The other victim testified that he thought of Christy McGough as his “best friend,” telling the court that often, after sex, she and he would lie in bed together and he would confide in her about school and other things. He said they had sex four times — twice one-on-one and twice groupsex with the other alleged victim. Both said they cared about McGough and enjoyed the sexual relationship with her, as she “knew stuff and trick that girls of their own age did not know, and was open for threesome and other experiments.”

When she was arrested McGough signed a statement that day asserting the allegations were true, but defense attorney James Powell said she was intimidated into making a confession, adding that she did not have her glasses and was under the influence of Klonopin, a benzodiazepine drug commonly used to treat seizures, panic disorder and anxiety. County Sheriff’s Office investigator Tony Perkins, who took the statement, told assistant district attorney and prosecutor Mark Jackson in his testimony that he did not see McGough take any medication and she did not appear to have difficulty speaking or walking while shackled in hand and ankle cuffs. Head nurse at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center testified she was the only nurse on duty when McGough was brought into the jail and she did not give her any medication during her overnight stay.

During the court proceedings nothing indicated that Christy McGough would have had sexual relations also with her teen stepson, even there were some rumours after her arrest. The boy was in Orlando on a school field trip on the day of his stepmother’s arrest but testified that he was usually home when the other boys were around. “She was very nice to (my friends),” he said. “It didn’t ever seem like she was treating them as anything more than a friend.”

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